P-006 ACCEPTED: TED DAO Executive Roles

Voting period: 14 days


Social Proposal
Request for Action
Constitution Amendment


The TED DAO needs several executive roles filled in order to function with utmost effectiveness. It’s up to the DAO to determine which roles these will be. It’s further up to the DAO how much it can afford to pay for quality in these roles. Filling these roles with quality candidates ensures that the TED DAO is able to function as a full-fledged decentralized organization with elected officers, similar to a corporation, in some operational aspects.


Without an executive body, a governance manager, a social outreach & management arm, let alone a structured communication/marketing aspect, the effectiveness of the TED DAO will be lesser.

It’s part of the DAO’s job to make sure that the Tezos Domains project thrives by utilizing its treasury and community resources and marshaling said resources into functions & executive roles, resulting in a more optimal outcome for the TED DAO.

The end result that is desired by this proposal is the self-organization of the TED DAO into an effective self-perpetuation machine that will function to keep the project going and to keep improving the Tezos ecosystem. The addition of dedicated people to executive certain necessary duties, with healthy DAO oversight in place will grow Tezos Domains and TED. This will be by adding users to the service and by interconnecting the Tezos ecosystem both by the nature of our project’s design and by integrating into all possible Dapps, wallets and services on Tezos.

The TED DAO needs several logistical roles, such as Treasurer and Executive, along with a Marketing Manager and an Integrations Manager.

In addition, the role of the Steward of Governance needs to be formally elected, along with the others, in all aspects including compensation.

This is the first attempt to define which roles are needed and desired by the DAO and how to select them. The TED DAO community is encouraged to participate to make the proposal more effective. The neverending vigilance and efforts of the TED DAO community is in the end the best and most effective building and protective force.


The following roles and responsibilities are useful for the TED DAO’s operational acuity:

  • Community Manager (CM)

    • Management of Social Media Manager (SMM) and Moderators (Mod)
      • Ensure 24/7 coverage for tier 1 interactions (i.e. Tier 1 support)
      • Ensure jobs are well done
      • Replace as needed due to non-performance or other reasons
    • Communicate with Tezos Domains core team and relay to community on ongoing basis
    • Creation and management of Discord/Telegram integration bots
      • TED buy/sell
      • TEDv stake/unstake
      • Homebase proposals/voting
      • Tezos domains purchases & auctions
    • Monthly newsletter with statistics, news, partnerships, integrations
    • Implementing community feedback mechanisms
    • Organizing virtual events or AMAs
    • Developing community growth strategies
    • Prepare instructions on how to be replaced, ahead of time
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed
  • Steward of Governance (SoG)

    • Follows TED constitution
    • Advance proposals between stages and communicate with proposal authors on behalf of the DAO, without bias
    • Have the authority to manage and change the proposal process and the governance forum rules if needed.
    • Free to set the moderation policy of the governance forum (talk.tezos.domains)
    • Does not hold the authority to change the DAO constitution. That power is reserved for the DAO itself (via constitutional amendment).
    • Can temporarily suspend the minimum quorum requirement for constitution amendments if the DAO is unable to reach the quorum for a longer period. This emergency mechanism is defined by the constitution in section IV-1.
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed
  • Social Media Manager (Discord/Telegram/Twitter & others)

    • Management of Twitter/X, Discord, Telegram (with impetus to expand into new ones)
    • Daily interaction and management with Discord and Telegram
    • Support tickets and giveaways
    • Analyzing social media metrics to improve engagement
    • Strategizing content plans
    • Coordinating with influencers for promotions
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed and reports to CM
  • 2 x Moderators (Discord/Telegram) /optional

    • Daily interaction/help in Discord and Telegram
    • Support tickets and giveaways
    • Implementing and enforcing community guidelines
    • Escalating critical issues to relevant teams
    • Gathering community feedback for improvements (using existing system from CM)
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed and reports to Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Manager /optional

    • Writing Tezos Domains and TED content
    • Participating in Reddit, Twitter/X, Discord voice talks, representing TED
    • Reaching out to community influencers to get feedback, offer help, coordinate promotions
    • Developing comprehensive marketing strategies
    • Overseeing branding initiatives
    • Coordinating with the CM for unified messaging.
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed and reports to CM
  • Integrations Manager /optional

    • Identifying and evaluating potential integration partners
    • Overseeing integration projects
    • Maintaining relationships with existing partners
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed
  • Treasurer (handled by Tezos Domains core team pro bono)

    • Pay bills for services
    • Pay DAO salaries
    • Financial planning and analysis
    • Budget management
    • Financial reporting to the community (quarterly)
    • Document all expenses in a public, auditable system
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed
  • Executive (handled by Tezos Domains core team pro bono)

    • Management of Marketing Manager and Integrations Manager
      • Replace as needed due to non-performance or other reasons
    • Monitor and change DAO treasury baker as needed to ensure maximum returns for DAO
    • Balance Executive’s own power as much as possible using:
      • Key Management
        • Overseeing the security protocols for private key storage and access.
        • Regularly auditing and updating key management procedures to ensure maximum security.
        • Training and guiding other members on best practices for key security.
      • Multisig Transaction Coordination
        • Organizing and overseeing multisig transactions, ensuring all necessary parties are informed and involved.
        • Establishing clear protocols for multisig operations, including thresholds for transactions, approval processes, and emergency measures.
    • Prepare instructions on how to be replaced, ahead of time
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed


Assuming this proposal passes, the Executive (see above) will open applications for Community Manager (CM) and Steward of Governance (SoG) for at least 2 weeks using the talk.tezos.domains forum.

With the CM and SoG applications in hand, the Executive will create 2 proposals, one for each, with all the candidates for each position as well their compensation requirements and payment wallets. The DAO will then vote on candidates for both roles, lasting at least 2 weeks by way of Homebase proposals.

Once the CM and SoG are elected, the treasurer will pay them on their provided wallets. The CM, along with the Executive will start recruiting for all remaining roles.

CM recruits for:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Moderators (2 suggested)

Executive recruits for:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Integrations Manager

The CM and Executive are expected to actively recruit from the community of Tezos Domains as well as the Tezos ecosystem at large. While their respective recruits are not yet in place, the CM and the Executive are expected to maintain DAO operations.

Once there are candidates for the positions, both the CM and the Executive will craft a proposal with the candidate names/info and compensation, to be approved by the DAO. If initial proposals fail, the CM and Executive must find a way to lower costs or eliminate unnecessary positions, based on feedback from the community.

All recruiting signaling will be done using the talk.tezos.domains forum. A thread for CM and SoG will be created first. Following their election 2 additional threads will be opened to recruit for the remaining roles.

Executive Role Replacements:

A vote of no confidence can be brought for any of the executive team roles, by any TED delegate (including self-delegate). A simple 51% majority is needed for the vote to pass and a minimum of 2 weeks is suggested as the vote duration. The vote of no confidence, if aimed at the CM, Executive, Treasurer or SoG themselves, must come with a proposal of how to manage the respective aspects of the DAO. It’s not acceptable for the DAO to be without a Treasurer, an Executive or a SoG at any time, except during transition of executive role power.

If roles managed by the Executive or the CM are voted no confidence, it’s their job to recruit new candidates for the same or lower cost that has already been approved.

If the DAO is not happy with the new hires by the Executive or CM, the DAO can vote them out using the same means.


Compensation for the roles recruited for will be determined by the range of applicants, after this proposal initially passes. It will be up to the CM and the Executive to fill the roles required. If any adjustments need to be made to compensation, it’s up to the CM and SoG to champion these changes by way of proposal.

Key Performance Indicators:

Here are some KPIs for both the DAO executive role holders as well as for the community to evaluate the performance of the holders. These are suggestions intended to help holders proactively signal their performance to the community as well as signs (to the community) that the holders are not performing aptly:

Proactively signaling performance to the community includes posting reports on TED DAO social media informing the community of performance in real time as well as taking the time each reasonable period to summarize performance per quarter, bi-yearly or yearly as deemed appropriate for the specific reporting task and subject.

It’s expected of all DAO executive role participants that they will actively engage in the community at a reasonable level, as determined by the regular interaction between the DAO executors and the DAO community.

Community Manager (CM)

  • Growth Metrics: Increase in community size across platforms (Discord, Telegram).
  • Engagement Rates: Frequency and quality of interactions on social platforms.
  • Resolution Time: Average time to resolve community issues or inquiries.
  • Event Participation: Number of participants in virtual events or AMAs.

Steward of Governance (SoG)

  • Proposal Throughput: Number of proposals successfully advanced through stages.
  • Community Feedback: Level of community satisfaction with governance process.
  • Amendment Success Rate: Percentage of successful constitutional amendments proposed.

Social Media Manager

  • Follower Growth: Increase in followers across all platforms.
  • Engagement Rate: Likes, shares, comments per post.
  • Campaign Success: Success of specific social media campaigns or initiatives.
  • Activity: Presence and interaction with the community

Moderators (Discord/Telegram)

  • Issue Resolution Efficiency: Speed and effectiveness in resolving support tickets.
  • Community Sentiment: Positive feedback from community members.
  • Rule Enforcement: Consistency in enforcing community guidelines.
  • Activity: Presence and interaction with the community

Marketing Manager

  • Brand Awareness: Increase in brand visibility and recognition.
  • Campaign ROI: Return on investment for marketing campaigns.
  • Content Engagement: Engagement levels on content created (views, shares, likes).

Integrations Manager

  • Partnership Success: Number and success rate of new integrations.
  • Partner Satisfaction: Feedback from partners on collaboration effectiveness.
  • Project Completion: On-time completion of integration projects.


  • Financial Health: Status of financial resources and budget adherence.
  • Reporting Accuracy: Accuracy and timeliness of financial reports.
  • Cost Savings: Efficiency in managing expenses and maximizing resources.


  • Strategic Initiatives Success: Success of strategic projects and initiatives.
  • Team Performance: Performance of teams and departments under management.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improvement in overall operational processes.

Executive Role Power and Conduct

All participation in the TED DAO is expected to be in the service of the DAO, first and foremost. In the same vein, it’s expected that all executive participants will do their due care and due diligence in their DAO operations, including but not limited to the peaceful transition of executive power, as determined by the agreed upon proposal votes and by the constitution.

TED DAO Organizational Chart

Please discuss here and/or in the dedicated thread in this forum the merits and the drawbacks of this change.


Let’s elect some people to do the necessary operational tasks of the DAO so the project can grow

  1. This proposal passes because community agrees with rationale above
  2. Executive role recruits Community Manager (CM) and Steward of Governance (SoG)
  3. CM recruits social media manager and up to 2 mods
  4. Executive recruits marketing manager and integration managerv (maybe, these optional roles are up to the Exec and the community to figure out)

This proposal has been created on Homebase after meeting all ACTIVE criteria.

Vote on P-006: Tezos Homebase
Vote Ends: Jan 8, 2024 5:02 PM UTC

Proposal Passing Requirement (Request for action): 50%+ Yes votes, 10%+ TEDv quorum


Thanks for the drafting this draft proposal. Here are two points i would like to ask:

  1. how long is the period for the CM and SoG?
  2. what is the thresthold for the voting?

If the DAO is not happy with the new hires, the DAO have to vote them out with “the same means”. Would it be difficult to vote them out as CM or the executive is owning the power and aleady built up their network in TED DAO? e.g. what if introduce a % of strong diagree with delegate or one more way to let the community to make the change?


Q: how long is the period for the CM and SoG?
A: The period is currently set to undefined, meaning the CM and SoG (and all other roles) are perpetual until there’s another election, an abdication of post, or a firing by the Executive (for CM, Marketing Manager and Integrations Manager)

Q: what is the thresthold for the voting?
A: The threshold to elect CM and SoG is by majority with 10% quorum.

The Executive can fire the CM or any other role under the Executive at will with 1 month notice suggested. Furthermore, the community can start another election for CM (if there is an applicant present willing to take over) when there is lack of confidence in their performance. The community can also start a vote of no confidence, if they want the Executive to replace the CM.

The difficulty here, to replace someone on the executive positions, is the same as the bar to elect them in the first place. This is deliberate to make sure there’s sufficient will to replace in terms of TEDv voting power. I don’t see a good way to enable a minority to replace someone as this introduces a denial of service governance attack. The operation of the DAO is assumed by an honest (and involved) majority (and two-thirds for changing constitution).

Please let me know if you think of any good ways to do replacements and/or terms differently.


Thanks for the prompt and detail reply.

Although I have hesitations on there is undefined for the period, I would rather read more discussion on this draft proposal by other members first.

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Fairly clear and easy-to-understand draft


At XTZ ARSENAL, we’ve established ourselves as a dependable marketing team in the WEB3 space, contributing to Tezos continuous viral moments in the industry throughout 2022. We believe we’re an ideal match for the Tez DAOs marketing position, capable of aiding with a manageable marketing budget. Leveraging our network of Tezos artists, as we strive to consistently engage the community. With four years of active participation in the Tezos community, our focus is on embracing the culture and introducing others to this exceptionally diverse and unique community, allowing them to explore our offerings. Tez Domain is poised to play a pivotal role in the 2024 Tezos campaign, and we are eager to contribute to its success.

Changing proposal to ACTIVE, assigning P-006 and locking original post from further changes.

Voting details have been added to the OP as per timestamp.


I personally feel like the DAO needs to really choose wisely on who these roles go to if they’d want a healthy future for this project. If they’re willing and/or able, these paid roles should be going to people who have been active in the discord (top 10 OG) should be the starting offering of roles. Only reason being is regardless who you put in these roles, it would be a great idea to choose people who actually care about the project rather than money.

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The job descriptions are posted as well as the key performance indicators. I encourage everyone who believes they can do a good job to self-nominate.


It’s a good proposal. Seems like it’s necessary to do.
It would be also nice to see some sort of roadmap on the site from the developers. So new users (and of course old ones) can see where the project is going technically.
I also advise not to start all the roles at once, but to introduce them step by step :slight_smile:


On the last point, first CM and SoG will be elected and it will be up to the CM to recruit additional help 1-2 months later.

In addition it will be on the executive role to optionally elect an integrations manager and a marketing manager. I assume it will take even longer to do that.


Confirming result for P-006

(note: times shown are EST)


This a great move for the project! Good proposal!

I’m interested in the moderator role, though I don’t see any breakdown of the time requirements for it.

Message @Primate on Twitter(X) https://x.com/bakingbenjamins?s=21