DRAFT: Renegotiating DAO Exec Staff salaries

Voting period: 14


Social Proposal
Request for Action
Constitution Amendment


To give the treasurer role the DAO approval to be able to renegotiate all executive staff salaries once every 3 months (per role) in order to be able to keep the project thriving long term by saving DAO funds as needed.


Currently all TED DAO Exec Staff salaries are permanent unless the staff member resigns and a new one needs to be elected. This is not sustainable long term if conditions are less than ideal and funding diminishes.

When the treasurer of the DAO does their yearly sustainability review, as proposed here, the treasurer needs the tools to be able to lower the costs of the DAO. One of the biggest tools available is the renegotiation of staff salaries.


Once every 12 months, the treasurer of the TED DAO will have the option to submit a proposal for either a staff member (e.g. SoG or CM) of a staff member role (e.g. Moderator) to have the salary changed by a DAO vote. The treasurer will have an option to give their opinion on the matter (i.e. this salary needs to be lowered) as well as submit up to 3 different new salary amounts that the treasurer suggests.

Here’s an example of the proposal in very summarized form:

In order to protect the soundness of the DAO I suggest lowering the salary of the Steward of Governance from 500 XTZ/month to:

(A) 300 XTZ/month
(B) 200 XTZ/month
(C) Keep it the same
(D) Abstain

Here the DAO will vote and a new salary will be established.

If the staff member(s) in question whose salaries are changed do not wish to keep serving at the new salary, they will submit their 1 month notice, receive their last payment and leave the post.

Following someone leaving their post, the SoG will submit a new proposal to fill the role abdicated at the DAO agreen upon new salary.

[If the proposal is a Request for Action] Specification:

  • Treasurer either uses this process at least yearly. The notification to the staff member(s) in question has to be provided on the P-XXX thread where they were elected in the first place. Notification must also be provided across all TED DAO controlled social media
  • Treasurer documents if renegotiation is not necessary in this forum to keep track of things in a no-change scenario where lowering is not necessary and exec staff member(s) remain with the DAO.
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Looks like this proposal is not really necessary from 2 points of view taken from the community

  1. People want to use the DAO to vote only on major things, for the most part, as shown by the poll from Discord

  1. The treasurer doesn’t need the DAO as a third party in the negotiation process.