DRAFT: Adjusting APR for TED token staking according to the level of governance activity of the token holder.

Voting period: [30 days]


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We should have 3 tiers of APR for staking TED tokens as follows:
Tier3: Tokens that are staked - current APR * 0.5 (this is just a proposal, the multiplyer is up for debate)
Tier2: Tokens that are staked and delegated - current APR
Tier1: Tokens that are staked to a delegator that has voted for all the proposals since he/she became delegate - current APR*1.5 (the multiplyer is up for debate)

This way people will choose delegates that are actively taking part in the governance process.

I would consider two more aspects in parallel with this:

  • limiting the number of tokens that can be delegated to a delegate (I’m not sure what the upper limit should be) then we’ll have a lot of active delegates in my opinion.
  • rewarding delegates with a symbolic number of TED tokens for every vote. Not a get rich number of tokens, but that would also incentivize implication in the governance process.


TED token is called a “governance token” for a purpose. Governance is work…intellectual work. If someone works more and gets involved more in the governance process, he/she should get rewarded with a higher APR for that activity.

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