P-008 ACCEPTED: Confirm Primate (tzc.tez) as Steward of Governance

Voting period: 14days


Social Proposal
Request for Action
Constitution Amendment


Tezos Domains is looking to fill a position for a [Steward of Governance (SoG). Based on the P-006 ACCEPTED: TED DAO Executive Roles .


As Primate (tzc.tez) is being the only applicant for the role Apply for Steward of Governance (SoG) role Tezos Domains DAO must vote to confirm him for the permanent position.

This proposal has been created on Homebase after meeting all ACTIVE criteria.

Vote on P-008: Tezos Homebase
Vote Ends: Feb 22, 2024 3:42 PM UTC

Proposal Passing Requirement: Candidate with most votes & 10%+ TEDv quorum

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Changing proposal to ACTIVE, assigning P-008 and locking original post from further changes.

Voting details have been added to the OP as per timestamp.

Confirming result for P-008

(note: times shown are EST)

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Thanks to the TED DAO for appointing me officially as the ongoing SoG.

I have also recently become the CM for TED. Due to this new development, I’m going to start looking into onboarding a few good candidates for SoG in the coming months, culminating in an election for new SoG.

The rotation of SoG is a very useful learning tool for the DAO in the way of processes, procedures and documentation.

I’ve officially notified the treasurer that I’d like to request the SoG salary to be lowered to 300 XTZ/month now that the number of hours required has been lowered.