P-003 ACCEPTED: mush.eth/dumbass.tez OG airdrop eligibility restoration


  • Social Proposal
  • Request for Action

This proposal is to ratify paying mush.eth, a.k.a. Dumbass.tez their allotment of “OG airdrop,” previously withheld.

By the action of squaring up with said individual in Abstract, the TED DAO comes back into the posture of delivering on proposed “OG airdrop” equally to all eligible participants with no exceptions.

By voting for this proposal, you agree that mush.eth, a.k.a. Dumbass.tez should be paid 16,600 (sixteen thousand and six hundred) TED in as close of a manner to other airdrop participants (i.e. lockup period, claim logistics, etc.) as possible. The 16,600 TED has been earned by participation in the Tezos Domains discord and has likewise been used to distribute airdrop to all other eligible participants, in stages.

Communication with mush.eth will go through https://twitter.com/mush__eth account. The Tezos Domains core team and mush.eth will make a good faith effort to work together toward completion the logistics, with the mediation help of the SoG.


  • The keyholders will make 16,600 TED from the treasury available to dumbass.tez (tz1hwnduGPDt96mE3eQBLFjFDHojf5EYoBXP) with a technical mechanism implemented by the core team. The vesting terms of this mechanism will be the same or better than the original airdrop vesting terms.

This proposal has been created on Homebase after meeting all ACTIVE criteria.

Vote on P-003: Tezos Homebase
Vote Ends: Nov 20, 2023 3:44 PM UTC

Proposal Passing Requirement (Request for action): 50%+ Yes votes, 10%+ TEDv quorum

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This proposal should be amended to removing the ban from discord as well. What happened with dumbass/mush was a travesty, and team insisting only DAO could rectify this rather rash action by community moderation was even worse.


The Discord issue is unrelated to the intent to my proposal here. Administrative matters should set their precedents independently.

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I somewhat disagree with the removal of ban for discord, I was somewhat negative on the run-up to the airdrop, it’s their discord, their rules. however I do believe that removing my rewards based off being negative towards 1 member (who I have spoken with after and squashed the issue since) after being 2nd most active inside the discord community, giving away multiple domains over the course of 25 days during Christmas last year and continuing giving away names out of my own pocket, creating a community on twitter, purchasing & donating names of tezos based bakers & applications for FREE.

I have spent a lot of time on the community aspect of tezos domains & for someone who isn’t even core team stripping my rewards is far from ideal.

Yes I have strong views, but don’t we all, others choose not to express those views.

To me, it seems this proposal has enough detail for the community to make a decision.

Overriding CM’s decision for the ban is a whole other topic. Given that @Dumbass agrees that he broke the community rules to some degree, I would take this to vote as is for the sake of an expeditious process.

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Unless there’s major dissent or discussion on this, I want to put it up to a 7 day vote on Monday.

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Changing proposal to ACTIVE, assigning P-003 and locking original post from further changes.

Voting details will be added to the OP shortly as per timestamp.


Seemingly straightforward. Thanks @Primate for the easy to digest breakdown.

Thank you @Dumbass for your community contributions; hoping you receive what you are seemingly owed.

Voted YES on P-003


Confirming result for P-003

(note: times shown are EST)


The following schedule will be used:

  • 10,854 TED sent immediately (representing initial 25% + 7 tranches)
  • 2,873 TED sent on Dec 5 (representing 3 tranches)
  • 2,873 TED sent on Dec 26 (representing 3 tranches)

Thanks all for taking your time to vote.

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Sure thing, dumbass.

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@miro my 2nd payment wasn’t included in the most recent tranche. Do you need to manually send it?

Yup, the processing is manual for you because the on-chain vesting structure is immutable once deployed. The second payment has been sent now.

Hello @miro the 3rd payment is late,I understand it’s Christmas time etc but are you able to action this payment please?

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Apologies, it’s been processed now