How to apply for CM and SoG executive team roles

Thanks for your interest in becoming the Community Manager and/or Steward of Governance for the TED DAO.

You can read more about the role in the P-006 post here:

To reiterate, the roles and responsibilities of the positions are as follows:

  • Community Manager (CM)

    • Management of Social Media Manager (SMM) and Moderators (Mod)
      • Ensure 24/7 coverage for tier 1 interactions (i.e. Tier 1 support)
      • Ensure jobs are well done
      • Replace as needed due to non-performance or other reasons
    • Communicate with Tezos Domains core team and relay to community on ongoing basis
    • Creation and management of Discord/Telegram integration bots
      • TED buy/sell
      • TEDv stake/unstake
      • Homebase proposals/voting
      • Tezos domains purchases & auctions
    • Monthly newsletter with statistics, news, partnerships, integrations
    • Implementing community feedback mechanisms
    • Organizing virtual events or AMAs
    • Developing community growth strategies
    • Prepare instructions on how to be replaced, ahead of time
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed
  • Steward of Governance (SoG)

    • Follows TED constitution
    • Advance proposals between stages and communicate with proposal authors on behalf of the DAO, without bias
    • Have the authority to manage and change the proposal process and the governance forum rules if needed.
    • Free to set the moderation policy of the governance forum (
    • Does not hold the authority to change the DAO constitution. That power is reserved for the DAO itself (via constitutional amendment).
    • Can temporarily suspend the minimum quorum requirement for constitution amendments if the DAO is unable to reach the quorum for a longer period. This emergency mechanism is defined by the constitution in section IV-1.
    • Works with other DAO executive roles as needed

Furthermore, the key performance indicators for the roles are as follows:

Community Manager (CM)

  • Growth Metrics: Increase in community size across platforms (Discord, Telegram).
  • Engagement Rates: Frequency and quality of interactions on social platforms.
  • Resolution Time: Average time to resolve community issues or inquiries.
  • Event Participation: Number of participants in virtual events or AMAs.

Steward of Governance (SoG)

  • Proposal Throughput: Number of proposals successfully advanced through stages.
  • Community Feedback: Level of community satisfaction with governance process.
  • Amendment Success Rate: Percentage of successful constitutional amendments proposed.

How do I apply for the position(s)?

Apply here for CM

Apply here for SoG

Can I apply for both positions?

Yes you can.

How long do I have to apply for a CM or SoG position before the voting starts?

You have 14 days from the posting of this thread, before all the eligible applicants are put to a vote: 1 proposal with all the CM applicants and 1 proposal with all the SoG applicants.

Is there any training for the roles?

For the CM role there is no training provided. CM is expected to have all functions and bots available within 60 days of being elected. After this time, if incomplete or unsatisfactory, the CM may be put to a vote of no confidence.

For the SoG role, training will be provided by the outgoing SoG within 14 days of electing the new SoG. The new SoG is expected to perform immediately upon the completion of the training period, with whatever proposals and logistics must be done. The old SoG will perform any necessary proposal duties within the 14 day training period, as part of the training period.

How long are the positions for?

The positions are indefinite in duration. The positions may be terminated as described in P-006:

  • CM can be fired by the Executive with 1 month notice due to non-performance
  • Both the CM and SoG may step down voluntarily with 1 month notice suggested
  • Both the CM and SoG can be put to a vote of no confidence. If successful (51%+ yes), a new election process will start, guided by the Exective

Are there any other positions expected for the TED DAO, in addition to the CM and SoG positions in the future?

Yes, the Executive may choose to also start elections for Integrations Manager and Marketing Manager.

The CM may choose to also start election for a Social Media Manager and for up to 2 moderators.

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