P-001 ACCEPTED: Confirm Primate (tzc.tez) as the acting Steward of Governance

Voting period: 7 days

Social Proposal
Request for Action
Constitution Amendment

This proposal is to confirm Primate (tzc.tez) into the role of acting Steward of Governance.

The work on building up processes around the DAO continues and all important roles including the Steward of Governance will be eventually open for election. As we are still in the initial phases of creating self-sustaining governance, this proposal seeks to formally recognize the acting Steward of Governance before those processes are in place.

Embedded in the Tezos world from its early days, Primate (tzc.tez) possesses a deep and nuanced understanding of the community. His experience in decentralized governance and consistent positive contributions speak for themselves. The core team strongly believes that the DAO will thrive during its early stages with him as the Steward of Governance.

This proposal has been created on Homebase after meeting all ACTIVE criteria.

Vote on P-001: Tezos Homebase
Vote Ends: Nov 2, 2023 7:57 AM UTC


Since this is in regard to the role of ASoG itself, I will vote Abstain with the tzc.tez delegate.

This is not a current rule of governance, simply a preference to work in a situation where the DAO wants this independently of my wishes.


Vote Ended: Nov 2, 2023 7:57 AM UTC

In Favor: 65.89% (565,844 votes)
Against: 0.77% (6,682 votes)
Abstained: 23.28% (199,954 votes)

Turnout: 89.96% (772,480 votes cast)


Confirming result of P-001

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