DRAFT: Terms and conditions for the Acting Steward and Delegator to be provided and voted upon.

Voting period: [choose between 7 and 30 days]

Social Proposal
[✓ ] Request for Action
Constitution Amendment

[Request for action for the governance delegator application terms and conditions to be announced and acting steward terms and conditions to be provided as well.

[We need a timely and appropriate action as to when the delegator applications will expire and come to an end. And so the lucky delegators will be recognized in the community and same goes with the acting steward to be recognized as well. This is immediate in providing transparency and clarity to the ongoing delegator applications that is deemed necessary in forming the initial phase of this governance body. ]

[optional] Details:
[To the concerned body , important dates/periods must be made final and executable after confirmation.]

[If the proposal is a Request for Action] Specification:
Action #1 Stewardship voting should be properly announced with all terms and conditions necessary.
Action #2 Delegator Applications should be properly announced with all the terms and conditions necessary

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I don’t believe delegators expire or will expire. It’s an ongoing process.

As far as setting terms for ASoG (acting steward of governance) I agree, some term limits are appropriate.

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ve updated the relevant docs.

Here’s the breakdown of the delegation model:

  • Becoming a Delegate: Anyone passionate about Tezos Domains governance can assume the role of a delegate.
  • Lending Voting Power: TED token holders can choose a delegate whose principles align with theirs and grant them their voting power.
  • No Barriers: There’s no vetting procedure for being a delegate. The delegate status does not expire in time. The only requisite is to inspire trust among peers. If you are interested, please check our guide on how to become a delegate.

The electoral term for Steward of Governance will be published once we have an electoral process in place, but there will likely be some set duration.


@Zilong could you please let us know if the actions so far alleviate your need for a proposal? If that’s not the case, we should fill in the rest of the necessary details and verbiage in order to put this proposal into ACTIVE status.


For delegators yes it is an ongoing process but we need those terms and conditions to bring transparency and bring expectations of every delegator of what is to be a tezos delegator and if there are any changes or unexpected scenarios we already have certain steps laid out already - maybe codes and right conduct here for delegators and some checks and balances. For the acting steward yes limits are appropriate and should be clearly state its responsibility and scope also plans for the next election if there any or if there’s need a need for continuity for the next phase.

Yes we can diligently process that , if you need any help you are free to contact me anytime. Do we have any official publication or a pinned channel so delegators can track new updates and news about what’s happening here and there.

Great! This is it. Can’t wait for the official publication. Awesome work Miro!

What kinds of terms and conditions would you like to see exactly? Do you have any examples of similar things from other projects?


I would go in the direction of guidelines for delegates, not necessarily terms and conditions. There is no mechanism of enforcement and I’m not sure there should be, except for cases of blatant abuse.

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This is more specific and the right word for it.

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