DAO Governance Roles

Steward of Governance

The Steward of Governance handles the day-to-day of the governance process.


  • advance proposals between stages and communicate with proposal authors on behalf of the DAO.
  • have the authority to manage and change the proposal process and the governance forum rules if needed. They are also free to set the moderation policy of the governance forum.
  • do not hold the authority to change the DAO constitution. That power is reserved for the DAO itself (via constitutional amendment).
  • can temporarily suspend the minimum quorum requirement for constitution amendments if the DAO is unable to reach the quorum for a longer period. This emergency mechanism is defined by the constitution in section IV-1.

Current Steward of Governance: tzc.tez (Primate)


The keyholders are responsible for executing on-chain decisions of the DAO and for signing emergency updates to the contracts (for example, if an urgent technical fix is needed).

Tezos Domains Foundation Board

The Tezos Domains Foundation represents Tezos Domains in the off-chain world. The foundation board members act on behalf of the DAO.


The listed roles will eventually be electable by a DAO-wide vote. The details of this process, including the electoral terms, will be defined here when those specifics are ready.