DRAFT: Burning 1 TED token when making a proposal

Voting period: [choose between 7 and 30 days]


Social Proposal
[x ] Request for Action
Constitution Amendment


Whenever one makes a proposal, one TED token should be burned.


If the proposer requests the delegate’s attention for voting this is a small sacrifice that benefits the scarcity of TED token

[optional] Details:

[fill in more details about the proposal as needed]

[If the proposal is a Request for Action] Specification:

Action #1 Voting for the proposal.
Action #2 If it’s accepted, then implementing the code.

[If the proposal is a Constitution Amendment] New constitution text:

[enter the full proposed constitution text]

That’s a pretty good idea. Someone wanting to put forward a proposal should put something at stake. I’m not sure whether 1 TED is enough of a cost though.

I’m also a little worried that if we do require people to give up some TED to put forward proposals, then fewer people who want to do a proposal will do so.

Perhaps someone who wants to put forward a proposal would deposit 1000 TED with the SoG and then will have it returned upon the finishing of the proposal vote?


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Burning TED for each proposal would be a good idea in the future if the DAO grows in size or more activity is presented.

Realistically burning only promotes scarcity, it would get to a point where it could impact every outcome, the only way to slow this process down would be a decreasing of burned TED per proposal; would have to look something like this:

First 1-10 proposals = 1,000TED
11-20 = 750TED
21-30 = 500TED etc etc

In theory it is a good idea, however it would need to be calculated correctly as it would be open for bad actors trying to damage the project by burning.


We should encourage TED token holder to contribute to the ecosystem.

Say someone want to propose or make the ecosystem better, he needs to

  • raise the proposal
  • ask voter to vote for the proposal

and he needs to burn his token too.

If the proposal doesn’t make sense, no one will vote for it or comment it. As the result, it won’t even become an active proposal for voting.