Tezos Domains Roadmap Suggestions

This thread is an open space for brainstorming what are some of the things we want to achieve over the next year for the platform itself.

This can include ideas for: features, marketing, integrations.

Let’s percolate some ideas. One of the advantages we have in Tezos Domains is the benefit for hindsight—looking at ENS and others, seeing what worked for them, what did not work for them, and what could have worked had it been optimized.

There’s already a roadmap and they haven’t even begun. Probably busy with the 3 other projects


This thread can be used to cultivate what comes after that.

Likewise, if you are thinking of a problem, pitch a resolution right here.

Decentralization and all; More ideas → More people-power → More mojo → …

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Halfway through Q1 2024 and nothing much has happened. Should just vote on dissolving tbh, project is no longer sustainable given the current costs to run and current income. This time next year the team will run out of funds as the cost of operating will extremely exceed the total amount of income.

I’ll just be blunt as thats the best way to be even though truth hurts.

The problem: Team

The resolution: Pass the reins onto a different team who can drive the project forward at 1000x the rate and allow us to succeed.

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The token must go alongside them. The DAO was released very very very poorly, all to their benefit. So if they go the token must go too

You can tell me i’m wrong though sadly it is plainly obvious. Read the Twitter comments related to the airdrop, all of those people I am speaking on behalf of

We have a corrupt steward also. The time for a change is now!

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None of what you said is true.

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You’re just complaining. You’re not offering any suggestions (actual solutions, not symbolic ones)

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“Read the Twitter comments related to the airdrop, all of those people I am speaking on behalf of”

Wow, was there an election of which I wasn’t aware? The people making negative twitter comments elected you to speak on behalf of them? How did this happen?

And you’re just a puppet in a different category, you created a topic to discuss a roadmap and i’ve already highlighted they haven’t even started developing any of it. Yet you still kiss backside.

In response to your second reply, not everything revolves around governance, I took a stand to speakout for them as they are a baseline of evidence to what a mess this is, yet you’re pretending to be blind to it.

Stick to StableTech Kevin, its muddy waters here and the team know it, many see it they just don’t speak out.

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Since I’m just a puppet, tell everyone involved how to do this the right way. You’ve been saying this is the wrong way. Got it! Now explain the right way.

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Do you have selective reading or something? Read what I posted previously.

Edit: Notice how when he responds to dumbass, dumbass is lying (he isn’t). But when he responds to me, i’m just complaining.

So what i’m saying is the truth then?

Case closed.

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I read it, and again, there’s no suggestion involved. It’s just a complaint.

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Bless you Kevin you must be struggling if you had to read it multiple times, I don’t mind helping you, i’ll quote it here:

“The resolution: Pass the reins onto a different team who can drive the project forward at 1000x the rate and allow us to succeed.”

I’ll break it down a bit more for you so you understand what a suggestion is compared to a complaint.

The suggestion is, the team passes the project onto a more capable team.

A complaint is when someone is moaning about something, normally for things like a refund or unsatisfactory service and they await a resolution from the company or provider

Does this make sense now? Stick to StableTech buddy, I wanna see you do well.

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As you wrote that, did you realize how it was not really a specific solution but more like a blanket ‘clean slate’ gesture that idealizes the outcome as a solution?

  1. Say a new team comes in altogether. Now they are starting fresh. What if they are failing in your eyes? Would you call for a new team again? And we go through that dance again and again? Is that how you think it should proceed?

  2. How would the team (which you feel is incompetent) be able to select a competent team? What would be that process?

  3. What are the benchmarks for evaluating failures of individual team members—warranting their replacement—vs evaluating the team as a whole and calling for the explosion of all members?

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I see you’ve finally realised that there was indeed a suggestion in there afterall Kevin. Glad we got there in the end.

No matter how you word it, its a solution nevertheless and in my opinion, the only one that will suffice from here on out. This team has had 3+ years and throughout all of them, they’ve dragged their feet along the way. As I have already pointed out twice now, they haven’t even began on the roadmap. There’s a plethora of other issues also.

  1. See this depends on the team, in my humble opinion it needs to be a team that is close to the foundation. Or one which has some renown in the community, though others may have differing views on this.

  2. The team would reach out to the Tezos Foundation and make them aware they no longer wish to manage the product, you get the jist. TF wouldn’t let a core product like this be abandoned.

  3. The team as a whole don’t deliver enough, benchmark how you will. But one thing for certain is, none of them have a voice.

All of this is just my opinion ofcourse. Let those who have eyes to see, see.

Actually no it’s not a solution nor did I imply otherwise. As I said “As you wrote that, did you realize how it was not really a specific solution but more like a blanket ‘clean slate’ gesture that idealizes the outcome as a solution?”

1, 2. So basically you’re saying to get Tezos Foundation to solve all the problems?

  1. No, not “benchmark it how you will” — you benchmark it. How would you benchmark it? If you deliberately leave it open ended, you’re also leaving the door open to condemn it as a failure, no matter what happens, and you’ll be right back where we started.
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Kevin, I feel as if you may be out of your depth, because you seem to be making me go around in circles with you.

Passing the project onto a different team is both a suggestion and a solution to the issues which are at hand. Do you understand?

I’m not saying the Tezos Foundation is the answer to all problems no, if the team wanted to reach out a specific team such as StableTech for example, they could. Going the TF route would be a fast option if you will, to be done and dusted.

Theres multiple ways to benchmark it Kevin, though it works over a timespan and laying all this out for you would mean me being here all day. You tell me the last signifcant update to the app you’ve noticed? Or the last time you’ve seen a member of the team speak to the community directly.

Please stop trying to twist things I say. I want to see you succeed with StableTech.

It’s not checkmate already is it? I was only just getting warmed up.

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Well as you seen what I said was incorrect; here’s a breakdown.

With tzkt dapps stats as source, month between 12 January ~ 11 February the volume was around $11,036*

(Bare in mind activity is in a downward trend and has been since airdrop)
The total amount at the very best if volume trend sets sideways is would amount to $132,432 for the year and the total budget is $139,442.93. So as you can see, unless some massive miracle happens with this project, it’s not sustainable monetary.
The projected amount of $191,000 was a stupid projection as everything with heavily inflated due to the speculation on the airdrop.

In regard to; nothing much had been voted on apart from monetary adjustments is also true bar 1 vote which was P-001.

All holding monetary adjustments:

I get 2 of these don’t really have an impact towards the team so to speak but it’s all to do with money. Where are the proposals for actual change to the project as set out in the roadmap, there is none lol. All of this CM votes and stuff is just wack as the team appointed roles previously without an actual vote so it’s just the same stuff we’ve already seen.

The team has closed the discord & telegram due to whatever reasons, but primate is blaming the teams PTSD which is just added insult to all of the community that actual held this project up from the start.

The only people that actually disagree with anything anyone else says is either tangled with the project, foundation or just don’t understand community perspectives.

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